martedì 17 maggio 2016

"La compagna di classe" (The classmate): Plot summary

Questa è la mia sinossi originale nella versione inglese, utilizzata per la pagina di IMDb de "La compagna di classe"

"Nik, after the sudden departure of his son Gus, is left alone. He sleeps in his son's bed, without touching anything in his room. He also regularly charges the battery of his son's cell phone, that has been quiet for the past three months; one night, all of a sudden, the cell phone receives a text message from Adele, a Gus' old classmate, who just came back to Italy and who thinks he is still alive. Nik, struck by this unexpected situation, plays the game: he pretends he is Gus and starts a very intense communication, made up of little and endless nightly phone calls, that help him cope with his solitude, letting him discover a secret and sensitive past of the two kids, that becomes a frightening real and intense present, when..."
- Written by Luigi Salerno

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